Religion is often portrayed in mainstream discourse as having little relevance to the modern world. It is considered naïve, divisive, even dangerous. At best, it’s something to be kept private.

However, in villages and cities, on farms and in indigenous populations across the globe, a small but growing number of people are putting into practice spiritual teachings that they believe are not only relevant to the future of our world, but absolutely vital if we are to overcome historic divisions of gender, race, religion and politics.

They are members of the Bahá’í Faith and each is doing his or her part to serve their community and their fellow human beings. Their conviction stems from the belief that religion can provide the essential motivation to overcome historically intractable antagonisms and effect peaceful and lasting change.

This one-hour documentary asks viewers to consider a different perspective on religion than the one portrayed in the mainstream media. The film follows an intriguing set of individuals as they help to build peaceful, just and unified communities.

“The Bahá’ís” is produced in association with Vision TV.